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Today we started off our morning at Little Goat Diner (again.) I told you it was one of my favorite places in Chicago!

My mom and Mason’s family had a big day planned for all of us, as we began our perfect day in Chicago with a behind the scenes tour of Wrigley Field, the home to reigning World Champions, the Chicago Cubs. 

There is just so much history there! We learned about how baseball was brought to Chicago, the impact of the war, and the many ownership exchanges the ball field had undergone. At one point, the Cubs were called the Chicago Whales. How do you even begin to make sense of that as there is literally no ocean near it. 

My favorite part of the tour was being able to sit in the pressbox. The view from up there is just amazing. I love that the scoreboard is the original scoreboard, and the last remaining manually operated one. That means that people have to work inside the scoreboard to put up the score. We got to walk around the field and even got to sit in the dug out and stand out on the field. I really hope I get to catch a ball game here one day.

Of course we stopped by the gift shop and bought a few Cubs memorabilia to take with us to remember our awesome day. Best of all, I got to share it with my best friend, Mason. That’s the best takeaway from that trip.

We worked up quite an appetite so we headed over Wrigleyville Dogs. My mom said she saw them on Amazing Race, and the guy grilling up our dogs said the TV show rented the whole hot dog stand out for filming, and that everyone was held to secrecy about what was being filmed. 

Since we were in the company of history lovers, we headed to the Chicago History Museum in Lincoln Park to soak up knowledge of Chicago past and present. 

We made ourselves into life sized Chicago dogs, learned about the war, the Chicago fires, the jazz and blues era, and about all the people who helped shape the Windy City. We even got to see the real life bed where Abraham Lincoln died. 

To round our our jam packed perfect day, we paid a visit to the Lincoln Park Farm in the Zoo and to the Lincoln Park Zoo which is just next door. Did you know that the Lincoln Park Zoo is one of only a few remaining free zoos in the nation?

At the dairy farm, we got to see dairy cows being milked, and we even got to feed some! This was a huge hit for the littles in our party.

Lincoln Park Zoo is one of my favorite places in Chicago. They are a conservation Zoo and spend lots of resources to educate the public about animal conservation.

We had dinner at Weber Grill Restaurant just off the Magnificent Mile. I find it ironic we ate at a steak place when Mason’s dad is a vegetarian. He didn’t seem to mind though. After dinner we took an evening stroll and shared some of our favorite landmarks with Mason, including a new favorite, Dylan’s Candy Bar.  We spent the rest of the evening working on our Rubber Man videos in the lounge of our hotel. I even got to introduce my new friend, Ms. Tonya to Mason. She works in the lounge at the Hyatt and has been so nice to us during this trip. 


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