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One of the places I really wanted to visit during our time in Illinois was Springfield. Not only is it the capital of Illinois, it is also home to all things Abraham Lincoln, hence “the land of Lincoln.”

Springfield was a two and a half hour drive from my aunt’s home in Plainfield. The drive there was long and boring, with not much to see on the way except lots of flatlands as far as the eye can see.

Our first stop was to Abraham Lincoln’s Home which is a National Historic Site. Tours are free but you have to sign up for a designated time. It was neat to learn all about Abraham Lincoln and see where he lived and raised his children before becoming our 16th President. Since the house is part of the National Parks Service, my sisters and I participated in the Junior Ranger Program. Like I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, it’s completely free, and an awesome way to get kids involved in learning about historical places! 

Nearby is the Lincoln-Herndon law office where Abraham Lincoln worked.

Right across the street is the Old State Capitol Building. We were lucky enough to see the youth historical society putting on plays about that time period for us. We also were treated to a youth choir group that sand songs for us in the capitol building!

Our last stop was to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. My cousins and their parents met us there and walked around the museum. I really enjoyed walking through Abe’s cabin which showed how he grew up as a boy. There are a couple theaters which teach us about war and about Abraham Lincoln. There’s also a fake white house building inside which has lots of first lady dresses on display. It’s tough to think about slavery, but I learned not everyone believed that Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. There were people on both ends of the issue, and I had to respectfully agree with both.

I will treasure this trip for sure.


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