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adventures of a ten year old history buff + traveler

One of my most favorite museums in Chicago is the Museum of Science and Technology (MSI.) It is also part of the ASTC travel program, so if you are a science museum member, you might be able to enter for free or with a smaller fee by showing your museum card. MSI is an incredible hands on science and technology museum, which has tons of amazing permanent exhibitions as well as a few limited showing of special exhibits. Today we made sure to visit special LEGO exhibit which covered everything about being an official LEGO designer.

My most favorite exhibit at MSI is the German U-505 Boat they have which is actually a real submarine from WWII. It is actually the only German submarine in the United States. You can walk through it on a tour and listen to the guide describe the events that took place and how the U.S. was about to capture the submarine. I especially enjoyed being able to enjoy it with my Dad!

My Grandma flew to Chicago today, so my mom picked her up and took her to Ann Sather’s, an amazing breakfast spot famous for their Swedish Cinnamon Rolls. They are so fluffy and delicious!


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