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Even though we already visited the Museum of Science and Industry during this trip, my family and I just had to go again. I’m telling you, the reciprocal membership program through ASTC is the best. We are able to visit for free (and just pay extra for special exhibits.)

Our main focus of the morning was to make a new toy in the toy factory, as my younger sister’s original one broke by accident. In the toy factory, you are able to create your own Gravitron. You get to walk along the pathways of the machines to watch how each part and piece is manufactured and put together, until you have the end result of the toy you customized and created. The robots even seal it in plastic mold packaging, just like the toys at the store!

We went along with the robot theme and visited the Robot special exhibit. We learned about the robot industry and how robots are making life easier for humans either by being personal assistants or butlers, or in the hospitals by becoming medical devices for prosthetic legs, arms, and hands. We even got to test our wits against a robot by playing games with them! It’s amazing how far the technology has become when it comes to Artificial Intelligence.

We had one more activity planned with my cousins while we were visiting, and that was to watch theWhite Sox vs Oakland A’s at Guaranteed Rate Field. We sat in the bleachers, enjoying dippin’ dots, and cheering on both sides! The White Sox were leading for the first 7 innings, but the Oakland A’s turned it around in the last few moments and pulled out a win for the A’s!

I had been telling my three cousins about this amazing park in the city, called Maggie Daley Park, so since they were in town with us, we had to show them what it was all about. The playground was insanely busy, but it was still really fun playing on all the cool structures, walking on all the paths, and just spending time with my cousins.

I was incredibly excited for dinner. My family and I had plans to have dinner with my best friend Mason and his family, since they drove up form Georgia to spend the rest of our vacation with us! They had never been to Illinois, and we were definitely excited to show them around!

What better way to welcome the Joson family to the Windy City than with the best deep dish pizza, Lou Malnati’s? Once we caught up over stories and laughter and our bellies were stuffed (see what I did there?) we walked off the bloat by heading to Navy Pier.

Navy Pier looks much different at night and almost seems a little more peaceful than it usually does. We found that you get a spectacular city skyline view of Chicago if you walk along the pier, turn around, and take it all in.


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